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DubLi Network Headquarters

Основатель компании

Michael Hansen signature

Майкл Хансен

Основатель и Председатель

Майкл Хансен является основателем Dubli и председателем Ominto, Inc.  Mr. Hansen is Dubli’s chief strategist and conceptual developer, areas in which he has been recognized globally for his unusually innovative style. Early in his career, Mr. Hansen gained experience from his work in a variety of internationally recognized creative environments. Mr. Hansen holds a degree in mechanical engineering and in the late eighties and early nineties worked as a developer for the Danfoss Group. 

Later, he was recruited by LEGO and was responsible for theme world development spending much of time designing and creating the highly successful Space Lego product line, which later developed the Star Wars products. 

In 1996, he commenced his entrepreneurial career by developing a successful chain of Mexican themed franchise restaurants which he sold in 1999 to pursue a career in the Network Marketing industry where he achieved the highest position in two US-based network marketing companies, in telecommunications and financial services.