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Partner Program

Dubli Network’s Partner Program, BSP Rewards (, provides organizations of all sizes with a dynamic, innovative and successful online travel and shopping website. Partners earn a 30% commission on the Cash Back received from customer purchases made on their organization’s very own co-branded version of the BSP Rewards site.

Dubli Partner Program

The Partner Program is designed as a ready-made web solution that can be set up in a few easy steps to provide the Partner with an opportunity to quickly build a new revenue stream for their business or a new fundraising option for their non-profit organization. The BSP Rewards co-brand system requires minimal investment and no technological implementation  by the Partner organization. The implementation is essentially automatic.

Dubli Network, together with its Partner Program-Certified Independent Business Associates, offers the Partner Program to any organization seeking to advance their online brand presence with the world’s most dynamic travel and shopping Cash Back site.

Dubli Network provides Business Associates with a unique income opportunity to exclusively market the Partner Program to companies, affinity groups, and nonprofit organizations that have large, existing customer bases. As a Certified Business Associate, you have the potential to benefit from thousands of customers simply by calling on a single organization and earning a commission on all of the organization’s customer sales that are generated from their co-branded shopping and travel site.

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