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Dubli offers a global Cash Back online shopping experience

Dubli.com is the most comprehensive Cash Back online shopping destination in the world. The Dubli.com platform is the only e-commerce site to offer Cash Back on shopping and travel combined with additional savings on a global scale. Serving customers in over 100 countries, Dubli.com offers an unparalleled saving vehicle. Dubli.com customers can save time and money when shopping at their favorite online stores and travel booking sites. Dubli.com’s state-of-the-art, multi-lingual and global online shopping platform is the gateway to online retail and travel deals, discounts and most importantly Cash Back on all purchases.

Dubli.com online shoppers have access to more than 12,000 top global and local online stores that collectively merchandise more than 1 billion products. Shoppers can browse different categories, which feature international and local brands, travel, coupons, discounts and vouchers. Depending on the market, Dubli.com features the world’s most popular brands including Amazon.in, Walmart, Nike, Hotels.com, Zalando and Expedia. Dubli.com partners with online stores and travel sites to save our customers money on purchases they already making at places they already shop.

Dubli.com Cash Back - simple, straightforward and transparent rewards

Cash Back creates a new currency for vendors and brands looking to build brand loyalty and drive customer lifetime value from one purchase to the next. For companies and consumers alike, Cash Back earnings offer a win-win opportunity – encouraged by earned Cash Back, consumers become repeat shoppers – reinforcing the consumption cycle instead of one-off discount hunting. Cash Back is a simple, straightforward and transparent reward.

Dubli.com - the global community of smart online shoppers

With more than 12 years of e-commerce experience, Dubli.com has built a global community of smart shoppers and thousands of leading retail and travel brands from more than 60 countries, serving consumers in numerous languages and local currencies. From the Americas to Europe, the Middle East, or South Asia, Dubli.com has every region covered through its platform. The Dubli.com platform features many popular, world-renowned stores and travel sites that have a strong international presence. Among the numerous stores on the Dubli.com platform include Macy’s, Sears, Overstock.com, Gap, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Priceline, Hotels.com and CheapOair. Many stores on the Dubli.com platform accept more than one currency as well, increasing the convenience for global consumers looking to make purchases from the Dubli.com platform.

Dubli.com is suitable for everyone

Dubli.com offers everyone who shops online Cash Back, deals, and discount savings. Why? Because Dubli Cash Back doesn’t rely upon consumers changing their purchasing patterns. Consumers benefit from existing buying and shopping behavior from brands and online retailers with whom they are already loyal.

Maximizing savings with Dubli.com

Savings shouldn’t stop once a consumer finds the best online deal or coupon. The Dubli platform allows shoppers to stack coupons and deals with Cash Back so they can double or triple their savings on every purchase. Dubli calls this unique savings proposition “Stackable Savings” because through Dubli.com, customers can save multiple times on one single purchase.

Personalization and unique customer experience

Each time a shopper logs in, shops, searches, clicks or performs any activity on the site, the Dubli platform will record this information and tailor future logins and recommendations based on the individual customer’s interests. These “collections” will provide a unique customer experience. In the simplest terms, each Dubli.com shopper will receive their own customized shopping experience. The customer account will include a more efficient Back Office that will easily display Cash Back, referrals and Boost points earned.

Gamification – Encouraging customer loyalty

Through ‘Boosted Cash Back’ gamification, Dubli.com rewards Basic customers for repeat shopping, reviews and other value-added engagement. Shoppers may earn up to double the Cash Back, reaching Premier level status, when Boosted Cash Back and Free Cash Back earnings are combined.

Organized in three levels, Basic, Premier (both free) and VIP Rewards (a paid annual subscription), Dubli shoppers are able to select a membership that matches their usage. Members may earn up to 20% Cash Back depending on the Cash Back from each retailer, how much they use the site (earning ‘Boosts’) and their membership level.


As the name reveals, this shopping level is free for customers to earn Cash Back on every purchase regardless of usage. Basic members are able to increase Cash Back levels and move to Premier status by increasing engagement through Boosts.


All shoppers who sign up with Dubli.com automatically receive a free Premier membership for their first 90 days. Premier membership offers the higher Cash Back rates during free trial period. Premier membership is based on engagement with the site, called “Boosts”. The more customers shop, provide product reviews and engage with the site, the more Boosts that are earned, thereby allowing free customers to maintain/earn Premier membership.

Global VIP Rewards:

Living in luxury doesn’t come with the price tag when you join as a Dubli’s VIP Rewards member. The VIP Rewards membership is only $49 per year or $4.99 per month and provides thousands of dollars in value with access to exclusive coupons, deals, offers, and increased unlimited Cash Back shopping. Save money on everything from travel bookings, shopping, dining, leisure, and entertainment.

Dubli.com Cash Back payout

Receiving earned Cash Back from the Dubli.com site is quick and simple. Once Dubli shoppers have earned $25 in Cash Back, their funds are made available for deposit to linked PayPal, and other payment outlets depending on your specific location. For our customers based in India, we offer Paytm and PayU as withdrawal options.